McAfee® WebAdvisor

McAfee® WebAdvisor

What is McAfee® WebAdvisor?

McAfee® WebAdvisor is a Chrome extension developed by McAfee, LLC, and its main feature is "McAfee® WebAdvisor".

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Extension Usage Instructions

                        Browse safely, search with confidence.

McAfee WebAdvisor is your trusty companion that helps keep you safe while you browse and search the web. This extension safeguards you and your PC against threats, like malware and phishing attempts, without impacting your browsing performance

Here's how it works:

1.	Search safely. For supported search engines, WebAdvisor helps you easily identify safe sites by placing red, yellow, or green safety ratings right in your search results.

2.	Click with confidence. WebAdvisor warns you of potentially harmful sites before they cause you trouble.

3. Breathe easy. Even genuine websites can unwittingly play host to malicious content. Don't worry - WebAdvisor helps identify and block these risky elements while still displaying safe content.

As one of the world's leading independent cyber security companies, McAfee actively protects over 300 million consumer devices worldwide. We use this expertise to power the real-time protection that makes WebAdvisor your first line of defense for safer browsing.                    

Extension Basic Information

Name McAfee® WebAdvisor McAfee® WebAdvisor
ID fheoggkfdfchfphceeifdbepaooicaho
Official URL
Description McAfee® WebAdvisor
File Size 3.04 MB
Installation Count 86,000,000
Current Version
Last Updated 2024-02-15
Publish Date 2023-03-21
Rating 4.56/5 Total 11187 Ratings
Developer McAfee, LLC
Email [email protected]
Payment Type free
Extension Website
Help Page URL
Privacy Policy Page URL
Supported Languages de,en,fr,nl,no,tr,da,es,es-419,hr,it,hu,pl,pt-BR,pt-PT,sk,fi,sv,cs,el,sr,ru,zh-CN,zh-TW,ja,ko
    "update_url": "https:\/\/\/service\/update2\/crx",
    "name": "__MSG_res_PRODUCT_NAME_TRADEMARKED__",
    "version": "",
    "manifest_version": 3,
    "description": "__MSG_res_PRODUCT_NAME_TRADEMARKED__",
    "default_locale": "en",
    "content_security_policy": {
        "extension_pages": "script-src 'self' 'wasm-unsafe-eval'; worker-src 'self' 'wasm-unsafe-eval'; default-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; style-src-elem 'self' https:\/\/ 'unsafe-inline'; font-src 'self' data: https:\/\/; img-src data:; connect-src 'self' https:\/\/ https:\/\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/ https:\/\/\/"
    "minimum_chrome_version": "88.0",
    "key": "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCrOrksCVomv4HZxXZu6eb3fMbFPlYcSWHnBa0eGSLlBx4YJU3hgqATLB9FrVu1I2kjEKU02kDNejzwnooAjAMpQLMN6rDnVLt\/xgvBvwfUcqVOX2vmJvzBFUNhrShiAco662ZtJRD2B4MshsjoggFtWvpBDi3VXRzpr1I0jA0tUwIDAQAB",
    "icons": {
        "128": "images\/webadvisor.png"
    "action": {
        "default_title": "__MSG_res_PRODUCT_NAME_TRADEMARKED__",
        "default_icon": {
            "16": "images\/browser_action\/disabled_16.png",
            "32": "images\/browser_action\/disabled_32.png"
    "background": {
        "service_worker": "background.js"
    "permissions": [
    "host_permissions": [
    "web_accessible_resources": [
            "resources": [
            "extension_ids": [
            "matches": [