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We have over 100,000 Chrome extensions in our collection. Here is a list of the most installed plugins selected from them. Do you have any plugins you're currently using?

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iLoveChrome is a website dedicated to collecting, organizing, and recommending various Chrome extensions. We provide you with the latest and best selection of Chrome extensions, allowing you to easily download crx files and install Chrome extensions with just one click.

We have collected over 100,000 Chrome extensions. Here you can find various Chrome plugins, whether they are the latest or already discontinued. You can view all the information about Chrome plugins and download and install them.

Being proficient in using various productivity Chrome extensions can significantly improve data processing speed and enhance our office efficiency.

What are Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are small software programs supported by the Google Chrome browser, used to enhance browser functionality or provide additional services. These extensions can be developed by developers and published on the Chrome Web Store, where users can choose to install them according to their needs.

A Chrome extension typically adds a specific feature to the browser or addresses a particular problem. Extensions can serve multiple purposes and can significantly enhance browser functionality, thereby improving your productivity and browsing experience.

Typically, you need to install a Chrome extension, which you can directly install from the official Google Chrome Web Store. If you need to download the plugin crx installation file, then iLoveChrome is your best choice, where you can easily get and download the crx file from our website.