Amazing Auto Refresh

Auto refresh for web pages - multiple timers, works automatically

What is Amazing Auto Refresh?

Amazing Auto Refresh is a Chrome extension developed by Dementriy Savchenko, and its main feature is "Auto refresh for web pages - multiple timers, works automatically".

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Extension Usage Instructions

                        Amazing Auto Refresh - is auto refresh tool. You can set multiple refresh timers on opened tabs.  
A timer will refresh the page every N seconds.  

-- Features --  
- Multiple timers  
- One-click templates  
- Set up refresh timer with second precision  
- Prevents "Sure you want to leave?" popups from showing  

Please note: Due to security reasons the tool doesn't work on system pages such as edge://settings, edge://extensions, and Edge Addons website.                    

Extension Basic Information

Name Amazing Auto Refresh Amazing Auto Refresh
ID lgjmjfjpldlhbaeinfjbgokoakpjglbn
Official URL
Description Auto refresh for web pages - multiple timers, works automatically
File Size 478 KB
Installation Count 4,311,006
Current Version 0.7.4
Last Updated 2023-08-01
Publish Date 2022-08-29
Rating 4.18/5 Total 11 Ratings
Developer Dementriy Savchenko
Email [email protected]
Payment Type free
Privacy Policy Page URL
Supported Languages id,ms,de,en,en-GB,en-US,fil,fr,sw,nl,no,vi,tr,ca,da,et,es,es-419,hr,it,lv,lt,hu,pl,pt-BR,pt-PT,ro,sk,sl,fi,sv,cs,el,sr,bg,ru,uk,iw,fa,mr,hi,bn,gu,ta,te,kn-IN,ml,th,am-ET,ar,zh-CN,zh-TW,ja,ko
    "update_url": "https:\/\/\/service\/update2\/crx",
    "author": "Amazing auto refresh",
    "background": {
        "service_worker": "js\/background.js"
    "action": {
        "default_icon": {
            "16": "icons\/icon16.png",
            "48": "icons\/icon48.png",
            "128": "icons\/icon128.png",
            "300": "icons\/icon300.png"
        "default_title": "__MSG_extName__",
        "default_popup": "html\/popup.html"
    "default_locale": "en",
    "description": "__MSG_extShortDesc__",
    "icons": {
        "16": "icons\/icon16.png",
        "48": "icons\/icon48.png",
        "128": "icons\/icon128.png",
        "300": "icons\/icon300.png"
    "incognito": "split",
    "manifest_version": 3,
    "minimum_chrome_version": "88.0",
    "name": "__MSG_extName__",
    "permissions": [
    "host_permissions": [
    "version": "0.7.4"